Fresh Blog

Since my last post – almost a year ago. My life has changed drastically.

I moved home – in the physical sense and the spiritual sense. I lost friendships and relationships that I thought at time I’d never loose. God works in mysterious ways. And he’s most likely working during the time that you’re the most angry with him for what you think is abandoning you. Once I gave my heart back to God in search of Grace and the life that he has planned out for me, he opened my eyes to a whole to new world (enter in sing-a-long and dance number). He had been preparing my heart to meet my husband, as he’d been preparing his heart to meet mine. I’ve never trusted God’s timing more than that moment – 7 months later we are married.

One year later from when I originally started this blog, I find myself in a completely different life, with a different name and a different purpose. Trusting the Lord with every step that we take, despite its difficulty.

Let go, fear less, trust more.



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