Valentine’s Day


Yes, I do realize that this post is a day too late. It honestly took me all day yesterday to be able to process just how I feel about Valentine’s Day.

This year’s holiday was a busy one with my husband away for work, Elsie refusing to nap, switching places as he got home and I headed out to my Postpartum Anxiety counselling appointment, to switching places again as I returned home and he headed out to the gym. We finally connected around 10:00pm as he brought up some store-bought chocolate cake (which I had purchased earlier on in the day, hoping to have a few moments with him after supper) with a couple of forks to me (who was already in bed.)

Other years have been celebrated with flowers, chocolates and dinners but this year was different.  Somehow through all the madness, it was the best Valentine’s Day yet.

While snacking on our chocolate cake, we started talking about the idea of Valentine’s Day. He stands firm on his view of it being a generic holiday of over-charging on the worldly idea of “love”. I agree to a certain extent, for sure – how could I not when I walk into Wal-Mart to 5 seasonal aisles covered in over-priced chocolates and cupcakes in heart-shaped containers –  in which you can still buy in their regular shaped containers for their regular price a couple of aisles over.

This year’s Valentine’s Day, sitting on top of our covers as Patrick was apologizing for not doing anything for me – all I could think in my head was, “What do you mean you didn’t DO anything for me?!” He serves me, day in and day out. He works incredibly hard at his job for well over  40 hours a week to ensure that OUR bills will be paid, he is in school part-time working hard to further OUR life as a family, he does his devotions daily to lead OUR family confidently in the path that the Lord has laid out for us, he takes care of himself to ensure that he will be around for US, and yet still on top of all of that – he makes sure to shower Elsie and I in love every single day, letting us know that we are the two most important people to him. I would take that over a heart-shaped box any day.

Although companies have cashed in on days like this, I love that Valentine’s Day for me is so much more than stuff – it’s marking a day to sit down and pause on everything that makes your spouse valuable and irreplaceable to you.

I would just like to encourage YOU to sit down today to write 5 ways that your spouse is valuable to you. How amazing would you feel if you came home to your spouse who had consciously thought up all the ways that you are valuable to them? Knowing that you were being thought of in the highest regard to them throughout the day?

Wow. Imagine the positive impact that it would have on you as a couple and in how you complete your role in your household, whether it be a wife, working Mom, or a stay at home Mom.

Let’s spend this year, advocating for marriages, out honouring each other even on the toughest of days. Lets love each other well this year.

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day!


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