The Goodness of Nutella

It was Monday. And surprisingly enough I actually felt like working (unusual from my Monday morning routine). I don’t know if it was my extra fives minutes of sleep, my wedding less weekend, or my Nutella toast that morning. Either way, it felt good.

Sunday morning I was able to make it to church. I had a session cancel at the last moment, which was unfortunate but I was thankful for the spare time I gained.

Pastor spoke about the ingredients that we put into our life – often based on our values (to what we believe, not what we act like we believe). He spoke about decisions and how we often struggle making them – but when we look at our values (what we stand for) decisions seem much more clear and straight forward. Will it further your relationship with God and the sharing of your faith to the community? If the answer isn’t yes to both of these questions then you have your decision. 

I often get distracted during church sermons. Noticing my chipped nail polish, my dry hands, or my sisters excessive knee tapping. But most Sundays something sticks out to me. 

It just so happens (some might say conincidently, but I say Devine timing) that I was also struggling with a decision. It wasn’t necessarily one that posed an imminent threat to my values, or would have a huge impact on my life but it was a decision none the less – and I needed help making it.

I have a hard time with my gut feelings – not the feeling of my gut mind you – just to clarify – but the at peace feeling that you get when you make a good, further moving decision. I confuse nervousness and fear of change, to being at peace. This was where I was stuck. This opportunity would have most likely provided me a comfortable nesting for the winter months – but something didn’t feel right. Was it nervousness about taking on a new challenege or was this not my challenge to take on? How do you decipher between the two? 

Most people who I chatted with told me to say, “Yes, what a great opportunity to have.” That it didn’t matter that it wasn’t something that I wasn’t passionate about because it was a job. Which I understand – but the question is, would it further me in the direction that I felt I was being lead. And the answer was no. Therefore the decision is no.

Being passionate about your work IS important. I know that we are seen as a generation who is behind in life because we believe that our work needs to have value – not just cash, although it always a nice incentive.

I have been blessed with a creative heart, a loving heart, a challeneging heart, and a passionate heart. If the decisions that I make don’t include all of the these things, then my heart would not be in it. And I don’t know if I could come home from work knowing that. Yes, I am part of that generation, but you want to know what? Even though I am not rich, I come home from work happy and satisfied. Which is something I don’t often seen from previous generations. And I will stand by it. I’ll probably need to work a side job or two throughout my life, but I have a smile on my face and I sleep well at night. And I don’t mind working Monday mornings knowing that I spent all weekend doing something that I love.